Monday, 30 April 2007

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Thursday, 26 April 2007

Bible Power

Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus

Thousands of them. Row after row. Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang ordered craftsmen to create the famed terra cotta warriors to serve him and help him rule another empire in the afterlife.

Today, flesh and blood spiritual Christian warriors need Bibles to stand strong in the face of persecution. And right now, you can provide twice as many Bibles through a matching gift opportunity.

Spiritual Warriors
An estimated 80-100 million Chinese Christians live in China today. And their number grows daily. But fewer than half have a Bible. What a grim reality! They need God’s Word to help them withstand persecution. Chinese Christians are not alone. There are many other countries where Christians are persecuted for their faith.

The Word’s Strength
God’s Word will embolden Chinese Christians, and elsewhere in the world, to not fear persecution, imprisonment, separation, pain, or death. It will bolster one of the most formidable forces of the kingdom of God in today’s world.

Double Their Bible Supply
Persecuted Christians around the world are boldly claiming victory for Jesus Christ. They know that one day they will serve their King in eternity.

The Bible is the key to victory. And right now—for a limited time only—you can provide two Bibles for the price of one. Through a special matching gift opportunity, you can double the impact of your gift to countries where Christians risk persecution.

Stand up for Jesus alongside these soldiers of the cross. Please give them the Bibles they need—today!



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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Bible Power

Nepal—Reaching remote mountain areas

Early this month the Nepalese Parliament voted to change the country to a federal state. This move, together with the political violence during April last year, has drastically altered Nepal’s status as the world’s only Hindu Kingdom. It is now a secular state. The king no longer is revered as the incarnation of the Hindu god and there is freedom for all religions.

The political change creates a climate of receptivity to the Gospel. “God has blessed the churches in Nepal with much growth through Bible League,” says Bible League's National Director in Nepal.

Bible League is currently the only source for Scriptures for Christians in the remote areas in central and northern Nepal. Many of these areas are only accessible by long hikes on difficult mountain trails, making it a challenge to locate and minister to churches here. Yet, Bible League is actively searching out new churches to provide them with Scriptures, Bible study materials and training. At present, Bible League is able to partner with more than 800 churches in these areas.

“Despite much difficulty, we praise the Lord that 2,649 new Philips (Bible study leaders) were trained last year. We also saw more people than we had anticipated who became members of a local church,” says the National Director. Last year, Bible League baptised a total of 7,450 new believers, trained 10,784 Bible study graduates and placed 60,000 Scriptures in Nepal.

“The local churches remain strong and optimistic. Nepali Christianity has an enthusiastically evangelistic flavour,” says the National Director. These ambassadors of Christ need God’s Word to equip them for evangelism and discipleship. Will you help expand God’s kingdom in Nepal by providing them with God’s Word? Click here to donate now.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Bible Power

This Blog has given lots of stories on the power of God's Word, and how it has changed lives.

If you have a story to tell would you please share it with us all by posting a comment on this blog.

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Thursday, 19 April 2007

Bible Power

Central Asia—16,925 Bible studies completed despite severe persecution

In 2006 God has led Bible League to complete 16,925 Bible studies, place 644,778 Scriptures, baptise 1,324 new believers and plant 50 new churches in many unchurched areas in Central Asia. “Each new church and new worshipping centre established across Central Asia is truly a ‘miracle’. We praise God for all that He accomplished,” exclaims Bible League’s National Director in Central Asia.

This result is truly a miracle because persecution of Christians across Central Asia is harsh and real. Governments pass laws to restrict the spread of the Gospel and the registration of new churches. Many new converts who have a Muslim background are often beaten and isolated by their families who attempt to bring them ‘back to their senses’. Many more are fined, imprisoned, stoned or even killed.

The opposition is partly due to the misconception that Christianity is an intrusive import from the West. But recent research discovers that Christianity was practised long before Islam or Zoosticism throughout Central Asia.

This fact has gradually attracted more Central Asians to seek God’s truth. “The Holy Spirit is clearly moving in the hearts of people here,” says the National Director. This is evident in the fact that in one Central Asian country, the number of Bible League Bible studies completed in 2006 has doubled compared to 2005.

Through the Project Philip Bible League Bible studies, Central Asians are engaged in the study of God’s Word and they receive their own copy of the Bible upon the completion of the study. It is in encountering the Living Word of God that these new believers receive the strength to persevere in their suffering.

“As former Muslims who are now committed to Christ, we have taken a strong stand. Death threats, poison, loss of land and home will not deter us,” says a Bible League-trained Church Planter. “We must go on to live a Christian life,” he declares.

This declaration can be realised because Jesus Christ, the Risen Saviour, has broken the power of death. We invite you to stand by our suffering brothers and sisters in Central Asia by providing them with God’s Word. Your gifts would help them know the comfort and the power of God’s Word. To place more Scriptures in Central Asia, click here.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

bible power

Just a short note to say that if you visit our website you will be able to read a number of exciting stories about Bible power.

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Monday, 16 April 2007

Bible Power

Spring is here! But in a season bursting with new life, consider this stark contrast—and your response. 30,000 people in India will die today.* And in this land where people worship millions of gods, how many of them knew the one true God? When you give Bibles, you introduce them to Jesus.

They Want to Know Him
Millions of Indians are open to the Gospel, yet few encounter it. However, many who do come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. God’s Word is transforming lives in India today.

Be Part of the Action
You can help people across India discover Christ right where they are—today—without ever leaving your home. You can send God’s Word into action in India! You can send Bibles!

Double Your Impact
Right now, for a limited time, you can send two Bibles to India for the cost of one. Every $4 you give will place God’s Word into the hands of two people.

Bring New Life to India
This spring, let God’s love burst forth from hearts when they encounter His Word. Millions of people in India long for the hope and joy of the Gospel. You’ll give someone new life in Christ when you give a Bible. And remember, right now, for a limited time, every $4 you provide will provide two Bibles to two people.

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*Based on 2005 UNICEF death rates.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

bible power

Born and raised in a Muslim family in Central Asia, Batma had long felt sad and empty as she struggled to find answers to questions like, “Who am I?” and “Why do I exist?” Then a Bible League-trained worker showed her the Injil—God’s Word.

The power of the Word
“I was shown where to begin reading,” Batma says. “It was fascinating. As I read, I believed in Jesus Christ. I was thrilled to know I had a Savior, and wondered if there were others who believed as I did.”

New person, new pressure
The friend who gave Batma the Injil then invited her to church, where she publicly placed her faith in Jesus Christ. “I was a new person,” she says confidently. “I confessed my sins and professed my faith in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son and my Lord and Savior.” But her parents were irate.

Batma’s family turned against her. The pressure was so great, that she left the church and her Christian friends, and broke contact with all believers. But she kept her Injil hidden, and read it daily.

A return to Christ
One day, as she read 2 Peter 2:20-22, Batma knew she had to return to Christ. Leaving behind her job, family, and friends, she went to another town and was baptized. “I know that God’s Word was written for me,” she says. “I know Jesus Christ and why He came, and I am waiting for His return. Jesus Christ forgave me of my sins, changed me, and adopted me as His child. Today I am happy in Christ and want to live in and serve Him.”

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Thursday, 12 April 2007

bible power

Church Planting
Bible League often works with trained Christians who take our evangelism and discipleship Bible studies into church-less areas. When people come together to study God’s Word, and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, a need for worship is born. That’s why Bible League provides church planter training—so people desiring to worship together will have a pastor to lead them.

This unique, hands-on training program is designed for lay Christians. Local believers, chosen by their churches, become empowered through training and Scripture materials to establish new churches in church-less communities.

In 2006, Bible League helped local Christians establish 5,807 new churches worldwide. And, over the years, we have published and placed Scriptures in more than 450 languages in countries from the Arctic to the jungles of Africa and the Amazon.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Bible Power


Astonishing twist
For those who have heard stories about persecuted Christians in Africa, it might be surprising to learn that nearly 50% of all Africans are Christians. And for those used to reading about religious freedom violations, it might also seem peculiar that—in many cases—government officials have nothing to do with suffering Christians on this continent.

Nevertheless, the torment for countless African Christians is extreme. And the suffering they endure is no less real than that of Christians in any other persecuted region.

A religious fault line
An invisible—but easily identifiable—line extends across the continent of Africa. Beginning on the west coast of Sierra Leone, and moving straight eastward to the Indian Ocean, is where the bulk of persecution takes place. The vast majority of African Christians reside south of this line. On the other hand, the northern population is almost entirely Muslim.

Where these two religions meet is nothing short of a full-scale collision. And Christians in countries like Nigeria, Sudan, and Ethiopia face the brunt of this conflict on a daily basis.

A different kind of pain
When a northern African acknowledges faith in Jesus Christ, he is viewed as a traitor to his family, his neighbors, and his culture. And choosing to accept this status does not come without its consequences. African Christians often forfeit their burial rights, their standing within the community, and the love of their family.

In addition, African culture does not view child custody in the same light as most Westerners. The dowry given for a marriage often dictates to whom a child belongs. As a result, many Muslim families have taken children away from their parents when the mother or father converted to Christianity.

Violence persists
In several instances, the persecution of African Christians has also included violence. Even in recent days, religious extremists have struck out with horrendous acts of torture.

Compass reports that a Nigerian pastor and 48 members of his congregation were among 200 killed February 2004. Religious militants had attacked the church in a rampage within the predominantly Christian village. In addition, they went through the village killing Christians and burning down their houses.

Compass goes on to report that, the day after the pastor’s funeral, a group of bandits burned down two additional church sanctuaries.

Power through prayer
In the midst of such extreme pain and violence, Africans are still turning to Jesus Christ. Lift up these Christians in your prayers. Ask God to provide them protection as well as the strength to live out their faith on a daily basis.

Pray also for those who are committing the crimes against Christianity. Pray that they, like the Apostle Paul, will turn away from their wickedness and come to fully understand the grace of our loving God.

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Monday, 9 April 2007

Bible Power

India—Anti-conversion law creates new threats

On 19 Feb 2007 the anti-conversion bill became law in the Indian state of Himachael Pradesh. The reoccurrence of this ‘official’ persecution, which was on the decline last year, poses a mounting threat to Christians.

Bible League’s National Director in India reports that anti-gospel activists are becoming stronger. Recently, a Bible League church planter was beaten by a mob and had his left hand broken.

These threats, however, have not stopped Indians from seeking God’s Word. “There are hundreds of thousands of people who want to know more about Jesus Christ,” reports Bible League’s National Director in India. Bible League’s strategic Bible study program which combines evangelism with discipleship ensures that seekers are ‘followed up’.

“It is remarkable to note that Bible League training and Scriptures are being used from the highest inhabited village in the Himalayan Mountains to churches on the mud flats of the Ganges River delta,” says the National Director.

Last year, there were 331, 494 Indians who completed the Project Philip Bible study program and 1,149,554 Scriptures were placed. Nearly 100,000 new believers were baptised and committed to the church. In Himachal Pradesh alone, known for being the home of the Dalai Lama, Bible League’s ministry has grown three times compared to the year before.

New ministry has been developing in the northern Hindi belt as well as among Muslim communities. India has the third largest population of Muslims in the world. They need God’s Word and many are eager to know about Jesus.

“I heard about Jesus years and years ago. At that time, I asked where I might find this man Jesus. Someone said, ‘Oh, I think he is from the next town.’ Another man said, ‘Maybe he is selling in the marketplace…’ For such a long time I looked and looked but no one could explain Him to me,” testifies a new believer in India.

Will you help people in India find Jesus? It is estimated that if the number of Christians in India were to increase by 1% of the population, Bible League would be confronted by a need for over 10 million Bibles. Your support will greatly help Indians meet Jesus through God’s Word. Provide Scriptures for India now.

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Saturday, 7 April 2007

bible power

This is just a short message to wish you a very blessed Easter.

He is Risen, He is Risen indeed.

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Thursday, 5 April 2007

Bible Power

. In China 600 people attended a Christmas celebration and accepted the Lord. Many large cities held celebrations, creating concern with government. The Bible can change hearts apart from the control of the government which wants to learn from Cuba & N Korea how to stick to communism. Many church leaders have to report to police stations. Pray for their safety, and for the safety of our staff. PP is focusing on discipleship, and the western networks are working on PP part 2. Many churches only had 1 person preaching, but now more people have Bibles, so many new Christians are learning. More people are involved in the Bible study. Everyone is sharing. In this way it is bringing dynamic changes. Pray for new leaders.

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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Bible Power

South Africa

Closing the gap
After 30-plus turbulent years under “apartheid,” South Africa held its first national democratic elections in 1994. Under the rule of the previously all-white government, the political and economic gap between whites and the black majority had expanded at a rapid rate. Now, though racially motivated laws have been repealed, the black population continues to struggle in getting back on their feet.

To assist in the recovery process, the government of South Africa has set up several mini-villages outside of urban areas. These settlements are a long way from glamorous. In fact, according to the Director of African Ministries, residents are on “the edge of survival.” He says, “This is a new kind of hunting and gathering society with evidence of this in the ‘houses’ and on the streets; in the clothing they wear, or often the lack thereof.”

But at least these settlements are allowing people—who were previously residing illegally on the property of others—to have land they can call their own.

“Blessed are the poor”
In the midst of these small-budget villages, God is opening big-opportunity doors. Trained by the Bible League, South African Christians are establishing evangelical churches in these brand-new, unreached communities. As the physically and spiritually deprived pour in, church planters are sharing the hope of the Gospel with them.

It’s not an easy task for church planters to reach a group that has been neglected for so long. Faced with unemployment and hunger, it’s hard for many to look beyond their circumstances. South Africa’s church planting coordinator says that they are asked, “If Jesus loves me, why I am like this?” He responds, “God loves us—even in our poverty. And he can change our lives.” (To read the testimony of this church planter, click here.)

Over the course of time, church planters continue to share this message through their actions and through God’s Word. One by one, the impoverished of South Africa are coming to know the spiritual wealth of a life in Christ. And slowly but surely, Christ’s Church is growing in these shantytowns.

In truth and love
It’s not just among the poor that Christ’s Church is growing. Bible League-trained workers are laboring faithfully to establish new churches throughout South Africa—in areas where there was no previous evangelical presence.

Bible League-trained church planters are succeeding in their endeavor for two reasons. First, they are founding churches on the basis of God’s Word. While churches are plentiful in this country, many neglect the teachings of the Bible. God is blessing the work of church planters who point Africans to the Truth.

Moreover, South African church planters are succeeding because they use a strong relational approach in ministry. Many of them continue to work in normal jobs—even after they have completed church planter training. Through everyday conversations, church planters are building evangelistic bridges to their co-workers.

A matter of prayer

Remember South Africa in your prayers. While many steps are being taken forward, this country has a long way to go towards healing. Poverty abounds, racial tensions remain, and millions still don’t understand what it means to have Jesus as their Savior.

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Monday, 2 April 2007

bible power

It was definitely the Holy Spirit. Mutua Kitoma had no other reason to attend an informational meeting about the Bible League’s ministry in Kenya.
At that point, his faith level was enough, he thought. Being called an “average Christian” was contentment for him.

But Mutua went home from that meeting and experienced God’s Word in action. He drank deeply from his Bible, exploring it anew through the Bible League’s study materials. At the conclusion of his study, Mutua said to himself, “This is not just for me; it’s for my wife, too.”

Mutua repeated the Bible study along with his wife, getting more enthusiastic.

At the conclusion, he spoke for both of them: “This is not just for us; it’s for our whole family!”

Once more, Mutua studied the Word, leading his children and extended family members. The Spirit nudged again. Mutua declared, “Our church council must go through this!”

And they did, together with Mutua. The same study. Fresh revelations from the Word. Do you see where the Spirit-led momentum is taking this story? That’s right. Mutua, his pastor, and the whole church council carried their renewed passion for God’s Word out to the entire congregation.

“That church is on fire for God and the Bible as never before,” says Mwaya Wa Kitavi, the Bible League’s Associate Director of Africa Ministries. “They were churchgoers, but had no previous discipleship. Every person who studied the Word received a Bible, and they are now making new connections far beyond their church.”

It’s the Bible’s power unleashed! God’s Word in action in Kenya—and around the world—leads people to a relationship with Christ and transform lives.

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