Thursday, 26 April 2007

Bible Power

Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus

Thousands of them. Row after row. Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang ordered craftsmen to create the famed terra cotta warriors to serve him and help him rule another empire in the afterlife.

Today, flesh and blood spiritual Christian warriors need Bibles to stand strong in the face of persecution. And right now, you can provide twice as many Bibles through a matching gift opportunity.

Spiritual Warriors
An estimated 80-100 million Chinese Christians live in China today. And their number grows daily. But fewer than half have a Bible. What a grim reality! They need God’s Word to help them withstand persecution. Chinese Christians are not alone. There are many other countries where Christians are persecuted for their faith.

The Word’s Strength
God’s Word will embolden Chinese Christians, and elsewhere in the world, to not fear persecution, imprisonment, separation, pain, or death. It will bolster one of the most formidable forces of the kingdom of God in today’s world.

Double Their Bible Supply
Persecuted Christians around the world are boldly claiming victory for Jesus Christ. They know that one day they will serve their King in eternity.

The Bible is the key to victory. And right now—for a limited time only—you can provide two Bibles for the price of one. Through a special matching gift opportunity, you can double the impact of your gift to countries where Christians risk persecution.

Stand up for Jesus alongside these soldiers of the cross. Please give them the Bibles they need—today!



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