Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Bible Power


“My name is Hamel and I live many miles away from my county’s capital city. My brother became a Christian and spoke to me about a God who has a wonderful plan for my life. I told him that Islam was enough for me. Still, I closely observed my brother’s life. His actions and words convinced me that there is a transforming power that can make a difference.”

Where could he turn?
“I longed to learn more about God but was afraid to ask questions. I wanted to understand Him and know Him. For three years, I thought a lot about Jesus and about being a Christian. But during those years when I didn’t know how to live a Christian life, I worshipped Mohammed and lived like the rest of the world.”

Jesus provides the answer
“One day, as I was thinking about Jesus Christ, He appeared before me, and called me to follow Him.
Shortly after that, someone invited me to a new house group. We read God’s Word and sang songs. There I realized that God can have a personal relationship with a person—with me! My desire to serve Him and live for Him grew daily.”

Pray for Hamel’s vision.
Longing to serve the Lord, Hamel learned about the Bible Networks training at his church. The training has helped him to put God’s Word into action. And it’s given him a big vision—to establish a church in his town!
He says, “After being trained by the Bible Network, I began two Bible study groups. Now I want to start a church. Please pray for the growth of my Bible study groups and for a new church.

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