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Bible Power

Power in God’s Word
“I was the Imam of a Mosque,” says Faroq*. “I decided to examine the life of Jesus in the Injil [Gospels]. I searched until I found a Christian who gave me an Injil—covertly transported into the country by the Bible League.

“I read it and came across ‘Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest,’ and I cried. Such wonderful words! I prayed, ‘If Jesus is God, I want to see you.’ It was a prayer of desperation and deep searching—I really wanted to know! After three days Jesus appeared to me, and I believed.

Jesus Restores and Heals
Faroq recited passages from Scripture to his wife, a devout Muslim. She asked him many questions about the Bible, and then she also become a Christian.

Muslim authorities learned that Faroq is a follower of Christ. He says, “I was interrogated and tortured to give up my Christianity and return to Islam. Everyone, including our family, was against us.”

Then one day a cousin of Faroq came to him in great pain from kidney stones. Faroq said to him, “If a Muslim is able to heal you, I will return to Islam. But Jesus can heal you.”

“How?” his cousin asked. Then Faroq prayed for him in Jesus name.

His cousin left, but then came back early the next morning, and said, “I am healthy again. After I left you, the pain stopped. I went to my doctor and he told me that the stone was gone. He asked what happened. I told him that someone had prayed for me and Jesus had healed me.”

Both were so moved by this event, that they asked Faroq, “What must we do to follow Jesus?” So Faroq led them to Christ.

Loving the Ones Jesus Loves
So far, 36 people in Faroq’s family have been baptized. This has brought overwhelming hardship on all of them. All are now poor since they lost jobs and business because of their Christianity. One cousin was beaten to death by police because he would not renounce Jesus and return to Islam.

But, training and a supply of Scriptures from the Bible League help Faroq remain faithful, “Now I share the Good News of Christ with my countrymen in whatever way I can.”

*Name changed for security reasons.

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