Monday, 19 March 2007

bible power

Karwana’s father, a revered witchdoctor in his region, received the demonic message “that his wife would bear a son with a black spot in the eye—that this son would inherit the witchcraft.”

Four days after Karwana was born, his father died suddenly with no apparent signs of sickness. The boy grew up a marked person. From childhood on, he felt absolutely controlled by dark forces. These demons kept him in bondage, instructing him not to go to school, not to sleep on a bed or cover himself with bed sheets, and to eat only two meals per week.

A timely intervention
Benjamin, a Bible League-trained Christian, met Karwana just before the witchdoctor launched into his most daunting tasks yet. Karwana had received the “assignment” to kill 75 adults before the end of the year, and to sacrifice 6 children within months! Benjamin acted quickly, inviting Karwana to a Bible study led by a local pastor. Already curious about the good things he had heard about God, Karwana accepted.

The Bible’s message broke through and an intense prayer time led to deliverance! The pastor says, “That man was delivered by the power of the Word of God. I didn’t even have to try to cast out demons; they fled by themselves!”

More powerful than he expected
The witchdoctor embraced the Gospel of Jesus Christ and surrendered all of his demonic possessions—burned in a celebration of transformation! Karwana had no idea that anything could replace the power he enjoyed as an instrument of evil. Until … the Bible’s power was introduced to him. A divine meeting, a nurturing relationship, and God’s transforming Word.

Today, Karwana has harnessed that power, lives by it, and shares it with more lost Ugandans.

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