Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Bible Power

Central Asia—Help the deaf ‘see’ the Gospel

According to the World Health Organization, 50% of deafness is avoidable through early diagnosis and medical care. It is telling that 80% of deaf and hearing-impaired people live in low- and middle-income countries—because they don’t get this needed medical intervention.

In Kyrgyzstan, there are several hundred thousand deaf people. Across Central Asia, the deaf are labelled as “invalids”. They have few opportunities to seek education or professional careers. Many also suffer from social isolation. Fewer know about God and His Word.

"I saw the Gospel!"
says a deaf person.

"The demand is high - 60 churches recently requested translators of their own!"

Observing this huge need, Bible League workers are “showing” them the truth. In a program that began five years ago in Kyrgyzstan, Christians are being trained by Bible League to become sign-language translators for the deaf. So far, 30 translators are actively signing during church services nationwide.

They also offer Bible studies that encourage social interaction, as well as nurture the faith of their “listeners”. The demand is high—60 churches recently requested translators of their own.

Nearly 1,000 deaf people in Kyrgyzstan have been lifted out of isolation through the efforts of Bible League-trained translators. Sixty-two Bible study groups and eight worshipping groups have also begun in the last five years.

“These dedicated Christians have become vital links between the deaf and the hearing,” says Bible League’s Director of Central Asia Ministry.

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Thursday, 7 June 2007

Bible Power

Known by his deeds
Emmanuel’s life was characterized by using black magic, stealing, cheating people, lying, and fornicating. Then, he says, a strange thing happened.

A Christian from the local church visited Emmanuel and told him about Christ. Emmanuel reacted in anger. How surprised he was when the Christian returned the next day.

This Christian came four times, each time sharing with Emmanuel the love of Jesus through God’s Word. After the last visit, Emmanuel decided to go to church to hear the truth about God.

“I attended a church service with mixed emotions, and I was very confused,” says Emmanuel. “When the pastor began to preach, I felt shock—for the pastor was the person who had come to my house and preached Christ to me. The same one! I could not believe it.”

The pastor had been trained by the Bible League to do outreach in his Nigerian village. It was through the persistence of this believer that Emmanuel’s mind was opened to the true God.

Emmanuel made a decision to put his faith in Christ. “I have joined the church,” he says. “Now I can sing and clap and dance and I have a biblical understanding of salvation. God speaks to me through His Word. Praise the Lord!”

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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Bible Power

Nepal—Reaching remote mountain areas

Early this month the Nepalese Parliament voted to change the country to a federal state. This move, together with the political violence during April last year, has drastically altered Nepal’s status as the world’s only Hindu Kingdom. It is now a secular state. The king no longer is revered as the incarnation of the Hindu god and there is freedom for all religions.

The political change creates a climate of receptivity to the Gospel. “God has blessed the churches in Nepal with much growth through Bible League,” says Bible League's National Director in Nepal.

Bible League is currently the only source for Scriptures for Christians in the remote areas in central and northern Nepal. Many of these areas are only accessible by long hikes on difficult mountain trails, making it a challenge to locate and minister to churches here. Yet, Bible League is actively searching out new churches to provide them with Scriptures, Bible study materials and training. At present, Bible League is able to partner with more than 800 churches in these areas.

“Despite much difficulty, we praise the Lord that 2,649 new Philips (Bible study leaders) were trained last year. We also saw more people than we had anticipated who became members of a local church,” says the National Director. Last year, Bible League baptised a total of 7,450 new believers, trained 10,784 Bible study graduates and placed 60,000 Scriptures in Nepal.

“The local churches remain strong and optimistic. Nepali Christianity has an enthusiastically evangelistic flavour,” says the National Director. These ambassadors of Christ need God’s Word to equip them for evangelism and discipleship. Will you help expand God’s kingdom in Nepal by providing them with God’s Word?

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Saturday, 2 June 2007

Bible Power

Kenya—Churches ‘mushroom’ among least evangelised communities

In 2006, a total of 31,050 Scriptures were placed in the hands of believers in the three north-eastern regions of Kenya where a number of the least evangelised communities are located.

These communities have a population of more than 5 million but less than 0.5% are Christians. Some tribal people in these remote areas in Kenya are still practising traditional animism and Islam. They are waiting to know God’s Word.

“By the grace of God we were able to train groups of Church Planters in the three areas. The Church Planters trained had planted 82 new churches and there were 3,998 new believers baptised!” says Bible League’s National Director in Kenya.

We are excited to see the power of the Gospel transforming the whole community and people are leaving behind their pagan ways of life. This transformation is made possible because there are many Church Planters who have been ‘fired up’ by God to participate in His mighty work in this land.

“I realised that God is working mightily through Bible League’s Church Planting Program, which is bringing great revival to the area. After the first three months of training, I went to the targeted areas to practise the skills that I learnt. The harvest was great in which 150 people gave their lives to Jesus!” exclaims Lekurayo, a 67-year-old Bible League-trained Church Planter.

Lekurayo was able to begin five Bible study groups which later came together to worship under a new church. By the time he was graduating, Lekurayo had already planted three new churches. “I feel fired up by God and I am well equipped to plant more churches. Praise Jesus!” says Lekurayo.

When God’s Word continued to spread across the land of Kenya, churches began to mushroom in every village. More and more people were being brought into fellowship with Jesus.

“Please pray for the three Church Planting groups as they continue to minister to these remote areas, we trust the Lord for more breakthroughs,” says the National Director. We invite you to support our workers in Kenya prayerfully and financially. They desperately need God’s Word to continue this important ministry. To place Scriptures in Africa, Click Here