Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Bible Power

I used to frequent clubs, smoke whatever came my way, and date many wild girls. My body piercings would draw plenty of attention as I often showed them off. I was very belligerent to my parents and everyone around me, except my party buddies.
I enjoyed everything I could and with zest. But, when I reached the age of 21, my life turned so crazy and messed up, I had to move away from my home and live with relatives in another city.

A change of scenery brings new perspective
I found work but my life was still confusing. My aunt and cousin were both Christians, but I didn't know what that meant. Sometimes, my cousin would invite me to a Bible study but I would refuse each time she asked. Then something odd occurred and made me curious about God and the Bible.

My aunt's Bible sat on the table and I thought to pick it up and read, but didn't want anyone to know so I just left it alone. The same day, I was visiting my cousin and she had a Bible sitting on her table, too. I thought it was odd that I would see two Bibles in a day. That's when I felt a stirring inside to know more.

I decided to go to a Bible study with my cousin. After a few visits and studying the Scriptures, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and was baptized right away.

After my conversion, I completely turned my back on my old life. I even began to preach the Gospel to everyone I met.

My parents didn't like what happened to me. They thought I joined a cult. But they had seen a change in me and eventually they also received Jesus Christ.

My life is so different now and I am so grateful that the Lord saved me from my sins and gave me this new life. I am also thankful to the Bible League for the Bible study books that help me understand and remember the things I learn from God's Word.

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