Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Bible Power

South Africa

Closing the gap
After 30-plus turbulent years under “apartheid,” South Africa held its first national democratic elections in 1994. Under the rule of the previously all-white government, the political and economic gap between whites and the black majority had expanded at a rapid rate. Now, though racially motivated laws have been repealed, the black population continues to struggle in getting back on their feet.

To assist in the recovery process, the government of South Africa has set up several mini-villages outside of urban areas. These settlements are a long way from glamorous. In fact, according to the Director of African Ministries, residents are on “the edge of survival.” He says, “This is a new kind of hunting and gathering society with evidence of this in the ‘houses’ and on the streets; in the clothing they wear, or often the lack thereof.”

But at least these settlements are allowing people—who were previously residing illegally on the property of others—to have land they can call their own.

“Blessed are the poor”
In the midst of these small-budget villages, God is opening big-opportunity doors. Trained by the Bible League, South African Christians are establishing evangelical churches in these brand-new, unreached communities. As the physically and spiritually deprived pour in, church planters are sharing the hope of the Gospel with them.

It’s not an easy task for church planters to reach a group that has been neglected for so long. Faced with unemployment and hunger, it’s hard for many to look beyond their circumstances. South Africa’s church planting coordinator says that they are asked, “If Jesus loves me, why I am like this?” He responds, “God loves us—even in our poverty. And he can change our lives.” (To read the testimony of this church planter, click here.)

Over the course of time, church planters continue to share this message through their actions and through God’s Word. One by one, the impoverished of South Africa are coming to know the spiritual wealth of a life in Christ. And slowly but surely, Christ’s Church is growing in these shantytowns.

In truth and love
It’s not just among the poor that Christ’s Church is growing. Bible League-trained workers are laboring faithfully to establish new churches throughout South Africa—in areas where there was no previous evangelical presence.

Bible League-trained church planters are succeeding in their endeavor for two reasons. First, they are founding churches on the basis of God’s Word. While churches are plentiful in this country, many neglect the teachings of the Bible. God is blessing the work of church planters who point Africans to the Truth.

Moreover, South African church planters are succeeding because they use a strong relational approach in ministry. Many of them continue to work in normal jobs—even after they have completed church planter training. Through everyday conversations, church planters are building evangelistic bridges to their co-workers.

A matter of prayer

Remember South Africa in your prayers. While many steps are being taken forward, this country has a long way to go towards healing. Poverty abounds, racial tensions remain, and millions still don’t understand what it means to have Jesus as their Savior.

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