Saturday, 2 June 2007

Bible Power

Kenya—Churches ‘mushroom’ among least evangelised communities

In 2006, a total of 31,050 Scriptures were placed in the hands of believers in the three north-eastern regions of Kenya where a number of the least evangelised communities are located.

These communities have a population of more than 5 million but less than 0.5% are Christians. Some tribal people in these remote areas in Kenya are still practising traditional animism and Islam. They are waiting to know God’s Word.

“By the grace of God we were able to train groups of Church Planters in the three areas. The Church Planters trained had planted 82 new churches and there were 3,998 new believers baptised!” says Bible League’s National Director in Kenya.

We are excited to see the power of the Gospel transforming the whole community and people are leaving behind their pagan ways of life. This transformation is made possible because there are many Church Planters who have been ‘fired up’ by God to participate in His mighty work in this land.

“I realised that God is working mightily through Bible League’s Church Planting Program, which is bringing great revival to the area. After the first three months of training, I went to the targeted areas to practise the skills that I learnt. The harvest was great in which 150 people gave their lives to Jesus!” exclaims Lekurayo, a 67-year-old Bible League-trained Church Planter.

Lekurayo was able to begin five Bible study groups which later came together to worship under a new church. By the time he was graduating, Lekurayo had already planted three new churches. “I feel fired up by God and I am well equipped to plant more churches. Praise Jesus!” says Lekurayo.

When God’s Word continued to spread across the land of Kenya, churches began to mushroom in every village. More and more people were being brought into fellowship with Jesus.

“Please pray for the three Church Planting groups as they continue to minister to these remote areas, we trust the Lord for more breakthroughs,” says the National Director. We invite you to support our workers in Kenya prayerfully and financially. They desperately need God’s Word to continue this important ministry. To place Scriptures in Africa, Click Here