Saturday, 14 April 2007

bible power

Born and raised in a Muslim family in Central Asia, Batma had long felt sad and empty as she struggled to find answers to questions like, “Who am I?” and “Why do I exist?” Then a Bible League-trained worker showed her the Injil—God’s Word.

The power of the Word
“I was shown where to begin reading,” Batma says. “It was fascinating. As I read, I believed in Jesus Christ. I was thrilled to know I had a Savior, and wondered if there were others who believed as I did.”

New person, new pressure
The friend who gave Batma the Injil then invited her to church, where she publicly placed her faith in Jesus Christ. “I was a new person,” she says confidently. “I confessed my sins and professed my faith in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son and my Lord and Savior.” But her parents were irate.

Batma’s family turned against her. The pressure was so great, that she left the church and her Christian friends, and broke contact with all believers. But she kept her Injil hidden, and read it daily.

A return to Christ
One day, as she read 2 Peter 2:20-22, Batma knew she had to return to Christ. Leaving behind her job, family, and friends, she went to another town and was baptized. “I know that God’s Word was written for me,” she says. “I know Jesus Christ and why He came, and I am waiting for His return. Jesus Christ forgave me of my sins, changed me, and adopted me as His child. Today I am happy in Christ and want to live in and serve Him.”

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