Thursday, 31 May 2007

Bible Power

Pray for migrant workers in China. These migrant workers are in search of jobs to feed their families. But because they are not documented and do not have the permission of the government to live in Beijing they live in very poor conditions. Their children are not accepted in the public schools and they do not receive healthcare. They tend to live in poor ‘suburbs’ outside of Beijing. Although the city needs them because they do many jobs in the city, their living conditions are very harsh. In one village of about 30,000 people, named Tianzhu, there is a need for Bibles. They are very grateful for the BL to help. Pray that Christians in these poor communities can radiate the love of Christ.

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Saturday, 26 May 2007

Bible Power

From the National Director

May 26, 2007

Dear Praying Friend,

“I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.” (2 Timothy 1:5 NIV)

China—Children’s Story Bible's bless the whole family

Increasingly, God has used the Children’s Story Bible to bless more and more families in China. “There is a very high demand for the Children’s Story Bible. Many churches are using it to train their own children and to reach out to non-Christian families through these believing children!” reports our National Director in China.

In 2006, Bible Network was able to place 164,926 Children’s Story Bibles in China. These resources have created a unique opportunity for evangelism into the wider community.

“Children who have read the stories and turned to Jesus have brought their friends, parents and even grandparents to churches,” says the National Director.

Many of these people, especially the women, were then invited to engage in the study of God’s Word using the Project Philip Bible studies. “Many of them have turned to Jesus. They were encouraged to study the Bible together with other women and eventually many more in their wider network of relationships was influenced by God’s Word,” explains the National Director.

God’s Word changes individuals. It also brings about transformation within the family dynamics and relationships.

“The Word of God saved my family,” says Ling, the mother of a 14-year-old son. Before Ling became a Christian, she used worldly values to raise her son. She thought that success meant having her son go to university. Under pressure, her son became rebellious and the relationship with his parents was strained.

Touched by God’s unconditional love after she studied God’s Word, Ling finally understood what the Bible says about true success. Today, she loves and accepts her son just like God has accepted her. She also tries to instruct her son using biblical principles and values. Having seen changes in the life of his mother, the son has stopped rebelling and has started behaving better.

“Getting along with teenagers is a difficulty facing all parents. But I have found the secret—bring yourself and your child before God. Accept Him as the Lord of your family and let Him help you so that you can instruct your children with His Word," says Ling.

“If I didn’t know God, I would not have that endless love for my son!” she adds.

God’s endless love was shown most clearly as He gave His own Son—Jesus Christ—to die on the cross for sinners. Jesus, the resurrected Saviour, the living Word of God, will continue to bring true life to more mothers and children in China.

As the number of children born in China each year grows from the current 78,000 to the projected figure of 140,000 in 2010, these children—the future leaders of China—will need God’s Word more than ever.

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Albania—Bible Network partners with Campus Crusade for Christ to reach the youth

Bible Network and Campus Crusade for Christ will partner with local churches in Albania this July in an evangelistic campaign to reach the youth in Tirana—Albania’s capital and largest city. Through this campaign, Christians in Tirana will demonstrate their passion for Jesus Christ as they cover this city with God’s Word.

Albania has Europe’s youngest population, with more than 30 percent of its 3.5 million people under the age of 18. “The youth and their families are in desperate need of the transforming power of God’s Word,” says our Ministry Director for Central/Eastern Europe.

Bible Network will help meet that need by providing 10,000 Bibles, 100,000 New Testaments and 120,000 Scripture portions. Combined with supporting evangelistic and discipleship materials, these resources will help equip local churches to evangelise the youth and disciple them in follow up Bible studies. They will be encouraged to join a local community of believers.

"How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word." (Psalm 119:9, NIV)
“We have been using the Project Philip Bible study materials in an evangelistic Bible study and have led five teenagers to turn to Christ!” says a local pastor. God’s hand is definitely at work here since all of these teenagers come from one of the most resistant cities of Albania.

Since 1997, we have graduated 55,811 Albanians through organised Bible studies, baptised 2,445 new believers and planted 72 new churches. We currently partner with 135 (out of 180) evangelical churches in Albania.

“Bible Network is excited for the opportunity to come alongside the churches in Tirana—together obeying the Great Commission,” says the Ministry Director. But there is still much work to do in Albania where less than one percent of the population declare themselves Christian.

Will you join us in reaching the youth this July, so that more young people would live according to His Word and keep their way pure? To place Scriptures in Central & Eastern Europe, Click Here


Finally, if you could forward this on to any interested friends, then it would be most helpful.

Every blessing

John Savage

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Bible Power

CHICAGO—Bible League ministry results reveal over 1.4 million children’s Scriptures provided worldwide in 2006. From Albania to Zimbabwe—lives of hundreds and thousands of children were impacted and transformed by the power of God’s Word.

Sudha, a young girl from a remote village in India, is one example of Bible League’s worldwide impact. Sudha became affected by chicken pox. The result: she lost her sight and was unable to continue with her education. Her parents took her to many doctors—only to lose money and see no results. When Sudha and her family were left helpless and broken hearted, they met a Bible League-trained Christian. He conveyed the Scriptures to Sudha, and soon her entire family came to know the love of Jesus. The wound in the eye of Sudha is cured and little by little she is regaining her sight. Sudha has expressed that, through her faith, she believes God will heal her completely.

“Throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America alone, 40% of the population is age 15 or under,” said Mike Southworth, Executive Vice President of Bible League Ministries. “Some studies suggest that 85% of those who will receive Christ will do so before age 25. This means there are billions of boys and girls around the world who are in the most spiritually influential stage of life—they are the future.”

Southworth continued, “Bible League has a unique opportunity, working with local churches worldwide, to equip believers with Scriptures and training. Many children live in areas where they will not have access to God’s Word any other way, either because Bibles are too expensive or just not available. We are so grateful for our partners who, through their gifts, help us make these Bibles and materials available.”

By placing God’s Word in the hands of these children, and teaching Biblical truths worldwide, Bible League is witnessing precious lives being transformed forever.
“Some studies suggest that 85% of those who will receive Christ will do so before age 25. This means there are billions of boys and girls around the world who are in the most spiritually influential stage of life—they are the future.”

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Significant regional growth in Bible studies completed during 2006
Nearly 3.3 million Bible studies were completed worldwide during 2006 in areas with active Bible League ministry. That’s an average of 9,032 completed every day, or 376 every hour.Find out more

In their own words
To listen to stories of lives changed through God's Word, click here.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Bible Power

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Monday, 14 May 2007

Bible Power

New life in Christ

As a young person, I had a peer pressure problem. I was doing everything that my friends approved. I was very disobedient to my parents. I was living a sexually immoral life, having several boyfriends.

One day I was invited by my friend to attend a Bible study. As I went through multiple studies, one chapter, in particular, touched my heart—the one that talked about controlling your tongue. I realized that I did not have self-control, but was controlled by evil desires and sin. I gave my life to the Lord.

Ever since I gave my life to the Lord, my character changed. I have self-esteem and am no longer controlled by peer pressure. I am serving the Lord.

My life is filled with joy everyday. I enjoy praying and reading the Word of God—I attend the Bible study everyday.

-Ester a new Christian in South Africa-

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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Bible Power

Living in a small village in Russia’s Ural Mountains, Yelizaveta and her family had been through a number of crises and hardships, when she turned to Dima, a Bible League-trained worker, for help.

Timeline of tragedies
“Within a period of two years, my husband had cancer and died,” she explains. “My son got into a car accident, and then began taking drugs and alcohol. Our house burned down. I was depressed, got sick, and had to undergo several surgeries.”

“I wanted to live!”
“Despite all these hardships, I wanted to live. I wanted to bring up my children and grandchildren. But I didn’t know where I would find the energy to do this. Then I remembered how my mom would read the Bible and pray for me. I had a great desire to have my own Bible.”

A Bible of her own
“We have a church in our village. I saw how the lives of our village people had changed since they started reading the Bible and attending the church.”

She approached Dima to help her get a Bible of her very own. “Now I can’t live without my Bible,” says Yelizaveta. “I try to read it every free minute I have. As I read my Bible, I realize how important it is to walk with God daily. The Bible is not only the Book that I need—it is a vital necessity for everybody! I found peace in my heart and meaning in my life!”

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Thursday, 10 May 2007

Bible Power

Kenya—Churches ‘mushroom’ among least evangelised communities

In 2006, a total of 31,050 Scriptures were placed in the hands of believers in the three north-eastern regions of Kenya where a number of the least evangelised communities are located.

These communities have a population of more than 5 million but less than 0.5% are Christians. Some tribal people in these remote areas in Kenya are still practising traditional animism and Islam. They are waiting to know God’s Word.

“By the grace of God we were able to train groups of Church Planters in the three areas. The Church Planters trained had planted 82 new churches and there were 3,998 new believers baptised!” says Bible League’s National Director in Kenya.

We are excited to see the power of the Gospel transforming the whole community and people are leaving behind their pagan ways of life. This transformation is made possible because there are many Church Planters who have been ‘fired up’ by God to participate in His mighty work in this land.

“I realised that God is working mightily through Bible League’s Church Planting Program, which is bringing great revival to the area. After the first three months of training, I went to the targeted areas to practise the skills that I learnt. The harvest was great in which 150 people gave their lives to Jesus!” exclaims Lekurayo, a 67-year-old Bible League-trained Church Planter.

Lekurayo was able to begin five Bible study groups which later came together to worship under a new church. By the time he was graduating, Lekurayo had already planted three new churches. “I feel fired up by God and I am well equipped to plant more churches. Praise Jesus!” says Lekurayo.

When God’s Word continued to spread across the land of Kenya, churches began to mushroom in every village. More and more people were being brought into fellowship with Jesus.

“Please pray for the three Church Planting groups as they continue to minister to these remote areas, we trust the Lord for more breakthroughs,” says the National Director. We invite you to support our workers in Kenya prayerfully and financially. They desperately need God’s Word to continue this important ministry. To place Scriptures in Africa,

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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Bible Power

CHICAGO—Bible League and Campus Crusade for Christ partner with local churches in Albania this summer in an evangelistic project to reach Tirana—Albania’s capital and largest city. Through this project, which begins in July, believers in Tirana will demonstrate their passion for the Lord Jesus Christ, as they blanket this city with God’s Word.

“Albania has Europe’s youngest population, with more than 30 percent of the 3.5 million total population under the age of 18,” said Reverend Robert Martin, Director of Bible League’s Central/Eastern Europe Ministries. “Youth and their families are in desperate need of the transforming power of God’s Word.”

This summer, Bible League will help meet that need by providing 10,000 Bibles, 100,000 New Testaments, and 120,000 Scripture portions, equipping local churches to mobilize in Tirana—putting God’s Word into action.

But it doesn’t stop there. With less than one percent of Albania’s population declaring themselves Christian, the initial campaign is only the first step in transforming lives through God’s Word. Beyond the summer, Bible League will follow up the campaign through these local churches in Tirana as they engage people in Bible studies, train leaders, and lead them to a local body of believers.

“Bible League is excited for the opportunity to come alongside the churches in Tirana—together obeying the Great Commission,” concludes Martin.

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Saturday, 5 May 2007

Bible Power

May 5, 2007

Dear Praying Friend,

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:2 (NIV)

Central Asia—16,925 Bible studies completed despite severe persecution

In 2006 God has led Bible Network to organise 16,925 Bible studies, placed 644,778 Scriptures, baptised 1,324 new believers and plant 50 new churches in many unchurched areas in Central Asia. “Each new church and new worshipping centre established across Central Asia is truly a ‘miracle’. We praise God for all that He accomplished,” exclaims our National Director in Central Asia.

This result is truly a miracle because persecution of Christians across Central Asia is harsh and real. Governments pass laws to restrict the spread of the Gospel and the registration of new churches. Many new converts who have a Muslim background are often beaten and isolated by their families who attempt to bring them ‘back to their senses’. Many more are fined, imprisoned, stoned or even killed.

The opposition is partly due to the misconception that Christianity is an intrusive import from the West. But recent research discovers that Christianity was practised long before Islam or Zoosticism throughout Central Asia.

This fact has gradually attracted more Central Asians to seek God’s truth. “The Holy Spirit is clearly moving in the hearts of people here,” says the National Director. This is evident in the fact that in one Central Asian country, the number of Bible Network Bible studies completed in 2006 has doubled compared to 2005.

Through the Project Philip program Bible studies, Central Asians are engaged in the study of God’s Word and they receive their own copy of the Bible upon the completion of the study. It is in encountering the Living Word of God that these new believers receive the strength to persevere in their suffering.

“As former Muslims who are now committed to Christ, we have taken a strong stand. Death threats, poison, loss of land and home will not deter us,” says a Bible Network-trained Church Planter. “We must go on to live a Christian life,” he declares.

This declaration can be realised because Jesus Christ, the Risen Saviour, has broken the power of death. We invite you to stand by our suffering brothers and sisters in Central Asia by providing them with God’s Word. Your gifts would help them know the comfort and the power of God’s Word. To place more Scriptures in Central Asia, Click Here

Action Points for Central Asia

. Praise God for the work He has accomplished in Central Asia.
. Pray that God's Word will continue to bring comfort & strenght to persecuted Christians.
. Pray for protection and perseverance for Bible Network workers in Central Asia.
. Place more Scriptures in Central Asia - Click Here


China—God’s Word reaches non-evangelised areas

During 2006, God has opened opportunities for Bible Network to develop new contacts in the north-eastern part of China. For the first time, God’s Word was made available to advance outreach into areas where there is no presence of the Gospel.

In this remote region of China where terrain is rough and poverty is severe, life is difficult. Sometimes there is no rain for a whole year. Not all areas have electricity. “People have been thirsty for rain every year but they are thirstier for the Word of God,” says our National Director in China.

God has heard their yearning and now He is watering this vast but dry land with His precious Word. “This was the first time many people had heard about Jesus Christ,” says a local Christian. “They cried and cried. They pleaded for us to come back to help them,” he recalls.

Slowly and gradually several small churches have been established. But these dedicated Church Planters have paid a high price. Three of them were put in jail for planting churches.

It is true that China is changing. People in the main cities can go to church openly. A recent article from China Vision Online published by Christian Communications also reveals that there is a growing trend even for non-Christians to attend church services during Easter or Christmas time. They are curious about Christianity and they want to ‘taste’ what it is like.

Nevertheless, the risk of harassment or arrest in certain areas of China is still real. According to a news report by Christian Today in early March, 34 Chinese house church leaders in a north-eastern province of China were arrested during their Bible study.

Despite these difficulties, Christians have not stopped sharing God’s Word. “We as God’s children have to preach the salvation of the cross,” says a Bible Network-trained Christian. It is due to these faithful Bible trained Church Planters that 465 new churches—95 more than that in 2005—were planted last year in China.

We are committed to support these persecuted Christians in China who need God’s Word so desperately. Our Risen Lord, the Living Word of God, is their source of strength. Will you join us in sending them God’s Word, so that they may ‘drink’ from this source of strength? To place Scriptures in China, Click Here

Action Points for China.

. Thank God for bringing His own Word to the Chinese people in remote areas.
. Pray that God will protect the Church planters who are faithfully ministering to new converts in their churches.
. Place more Scriptures in China - Click Here

John Savage
Bible Network

Friday, 4 May 2007

Bible Power

“My name is Pavlinka, and I live in Bulgaria. I’m married, and I have two daughters.”

Empty dreams
“When I was a student, I had a friend who would talk to me about God. But back then I was interested in a completely different lifestyle. I thought it would limit my perspective on life and be boring to be a believer. I thought I would be happy when I had my own family and children. But when I finally had all that I had dreamed of, I felt unsatisfied and empty inside. I had two wonderful kids, but still my life seemed meaningless.”

A Bible of her own
“Then Jana [a Bible League-trained worker] gave me a Bible study booklet from the Bible League. When I finished that first booklet, I received a New Testament. When I completed another three-part study, I received a Bible and became part of a Bible study group.”

Living by the Word
“My favorite passage from the Bible became Jesus’ words in John 8:31-32—‘If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’ When I read those verses I finally understood that only the truth of God’s Word could bring me joy and peace.

“Now I am a member of the local evangelical church. I go there together with my two daughters. Right now they are taking part in a Bible League Bible study for children.”

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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

bible power

Born and raised in a Muslim family in Central Asia, Batma had long felt sad and empty as she struggled to find answers to questions like, “Who am I?” and “Why do I exist?” Then a Bible League-trained worker showed her the Injil—God’s Word.

The power of the Word
“I was shown where to begin reading,” Batma says. “It was fascinating. As I read, I believed in Jesus Christ. I was thrilled to know I had a Savior, and wondered if there were others who believed as I did.”

New person, new pressure
The friend who gave Batma the Injil then invited her to church, where she publicly placed her faith in Jesus Christ. “I was a new person,” she says confidently. “I confessed my sins and professed my faith in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son and my Lord and Savior.” But her parents were irate.

Batma’s family turned against her. The pressure was so great, that she left the church and her Christian friends, and broke contact with all believers. But she kept her Injil hidden, and read it daily.

A return to Christ
One day, as she read 2 Peter 2:20-22, Batma knew she had to return to Christ. Leaving behind her job, family, and friends, she went to another town and was baptized. “I know that God’s Word was written for me,” she says. “I know Jesus Christ and why He came, and I am waiting for His return. Jesus Christ forgave me of my sins, changed me, and adopted me as His child. Today I am happy in Christ and want to live in and serve Him.”

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