Saturday, 12 May 2007

Bible Power

Living in a small village in Russia’s Ural Mountains, Yelizaveta and her family had been through a number of crises and hardships, when she turned to Dima, a Bible League-trained worker, for help.

Timeline of tragedies
“Within a period of two years, my husband had cancer and died,” she explains. “My son got into a car accident, and then began taking drugs and alcohol. Our house burned down. I was depressed, got sick, and had to undergo several surgeries.”

“I wanted to live!”
“Despite all these hardships, I wanted to live. I wanted to bring up my children and grandchildren. But I didn’t know where I would find the energy to do this. Then I remembered how my mom would read the Bible and pray for me. I had a great desire to have my own Bible.”

A Bible of her own
“We have a church in our village. I saw how the lives of our village people had changed since they started reading the Bible and attending the church.”

She approached Dima to help her get a Bible of her very own. “Now I can’t live without my Bible,” says Yelizaveta. “I try to read it every free minute I have. As I read my Bible, I realize how important it is to walk with God daily. The Bible is not only the Book that I need—it is a vital necessity for everybody! I found peace in my heart and meaning in my life!”

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