Monday, 14 May 2007

Bible Power

New life in Christ

As a young person, I had a peer pressure problem. I was doing everything that my friends approved. I was very disobedient to my parents. I was living a sexually immoral life, having several boyfriends.

One day I was invited by my friend to attend a Bible study. As I went through multiple studies, one chapter, in particular, touched my heart—the one that talked about controlling your tongue. I realized that I did not have self-control, but was controlled by evil desires and sin. I gave my life to the Lord.

Ever since I gave my life to the Lord, my character changed. I have self-esteem and am no longer controlled by peer pressure. I am serving the Lord.

My life is filled with joy everyday. I enjoy praying and reading the Word of God—I attend the Bible study everyday.

-Ester a new Christian in South Africa-

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