Monday, 19 February 2007

Bible Power

This small village in Kenya didn't know God's power until a humble Christian named Anderson was sent to break the strongholds of fear and bring Truth into lives.
Anderson the church planter.
Anderson was a church planter in Samburu, Kenya. He would travel throughout the region evangelizing and sharing God's love to lost souls, yet ill-equipped to follow up a new convert's spiritual journey after he left their village. Then he joined the church planting training through the Bible Networks ministry in Samburu.

Bible Network equips the church planter

"I was now prepared to evangelize and to make strategic follow up with the aim of making any new believer become an active member in a church," Anderson says. "Within six months, I managed to plant a church with the Bibles and skills the Bible Network provided."
Moving forward with his passion for serving the Church, Anderson set his sight toward another village called Supati Ingejek. "All the skills I learned through Bible Network training had proven profitable. I was moved by the Holy Spirit to start a church in this small village of 400 people," he says.
A village with Satan's stronghold

"I surveyed the area and noticed that no pastor or evangelist dared plant a church in this village." It was home to a famous witchdoctor consulted by the old and young.

He controlled the affairs of the people and instilled fear among them. Christians feared to venture into this village.
Anderson claims the village in the name of Christ

"I took time to seek God's intervention and guidance before stepping in and setting up a church." As I began to introduce myself to the people of the village, the witchdoctor confronted me when he realized I spoke of Jesus Christ. I told the people that they can overcome the powers of darkness, including the power of witchdoctors.
The battle rages
"He threatened me and commanded me to leave that village with his assurance that if I attempt to preach or plant a church, I will die!"
Members of the community surrounded the two, telling Anderson that he must plead for mercy from the witchdoctor. "I was filled with power from heaven and said, 'You must repent and accept Christ as your Savior or you will die in your sin!'" he recalls.
Victory is the Lord's
Days later, to Anderson's amazement, "When I came back to follow up on people who had responded to the Gospel, those in the village told me the witchdoctor had collapsed and died—that very same day."
"When the people saw me, they approached me with thanksgiving for many had suffered under the evil influence of this man," Anderson says.
Glory to God for the healthy church Anderson planted in the village of Supati Ingejek, with over 100 people and growing.

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