Thursday, 15 February 2007

Bible Power

Thi Moi, 22, was raised in a family that worships its ancestors—an ancient tradition practiced in Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia. “We kept idols and burned incense on our ancestors’ altars to have more blessings,” she explains.
But the ancestors could not protect Thi Moi’s family from tragedy. “When our house recently burned down, my mother suffered severe burns and died at the hospital,” she says. “I felt so miserable—I saw no future for myself, and was near suicide because of deep sorrow.”
A divine meetingThen one day at the market, she met someone she hadn’t seen in a long time. This old friend listened intently as Thi Moi shared her troubles. “She told me that she had also known misery like me until she found the Lord Jesus,” says Thi Moi.
As her friend explained that God was the creator of the universe and humankind, and that His beloved Son, the Lord Jesus, had come to earth to make atonement for the world’s sins—including hers—Thi Moi became curious. “She urged me to receive the Lord Jesus into my heart so that I, too, could have happiness in this world and everlasting life for my soul,” she says.
Repentance brings His abundant mercyTo learn more, Thi Moi followed her friend to an evangelical church. There the pastor helped her seek repentance for her sins so she could welcome Jesus into her heart.
“I feel a real peace because now it seems the Lord is bearing all of my heavy loads,” Thi Moi rejoices. “I see how the light of the Lord Jesus can lead me in this new life, and I praise Him through sincere prayers and by reading the Holy Bible. I will always remember how wrteched I was before. But now I am a child of God and nothing can compare with His abundant mercy!”

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