Monday, 2 April 2007

bible power

It was definitely the Holy Spirit. Mutua Kitoma had no other reason to attend an informational meeting about the Bible League’s ministry in Kenya.
At that point, his faith level was enough, he thought. Being called an “average Christian” was contentment for him.

But Mutua went home from that meeting and experienced God’s Word in action. He drank deeply from his Bible, exploring it anew through the Bible League’s study materials. At the conclusion of his study, Mutua said to himself, “This is not just for me; it’s for my wife, too.”

Mutua repeated the Bible study along with his wife, getting more enthusiastic.

At the conclusion, he spoke for both of them: “This is not just for us; it’s for our whole family!”

Once more, Mutua studied the Word, leading his children and extended family members. The Spirit nudged again. Mutua declared, “Our church council must go through this!”

And they did, together with Mutua. The same study. Fresh revelations from the Word. Do you see where the Spirit-led momentum is taking this story? That’s right. Mutua, his pastor, and the whole church council carried their renewed passion for God’s Word out to the entire congregation.

“That church is on fire for God and the Bible as never before,” says Mwaya Wa Kitavi, the Bible League’s Associate Director of Africa Ministries. “They were churchgoers, but had no previous discipleship. Every person who studied the Word received a Bible, and they are now making new connections far beyond their church.”

It’s the Bible’s power unleashed! God’s Word in action in Kenya—and around the world—leads people to a relationship with Christ and transform lives.

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