Saturday, 31 March 2007

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Nepal—Reaching remote mountain areas

Early this month the Nepalese Parliament voted to change the country to a federal state. This move, together with the political violence during April last year, has drastically altered Nepal’s status as the world’s only Hindu Kingdom. It is now a secular state. The king no longer is revered as the incarnation of the Hindu god and there is freedom for all religions.

The political change creates a climate of receptivity to the Gospel. “God has blessed the churches in Nepal with much growth through Bible League,” says Bible League's National Director in Nepal.

Bible League is currently the only source for Scriptures for Christians in the remote areas in central and northern Nepal. Many of these areas are only accessible by long hikes on difficult mountain trails, making it a challenge to locate and minister to churches here. Yet, Bible League is actively searching out new churches to provide them with Scriptures, Bible study materials and training. At present, Bible League is able to partner with more than 800 churches in these areas.

“Despite much difficulty, we praise the Lord that 2,649 new Philips (Bible study leaders) were trained last year. We also saw more people than we had anticipated who became members of a local church,” says the National Director. Last year, Bible League baptised a total of 7,450 new believers, trained 10,784 Bible study graduates and placed 60,000 Scriptures in Nepal.

“The local churches remain strong and optimistic. Nepali Christianity has an enthusiastically evangelistic flavour,” says the National Director. These ambassadors of Christ need God’s Word to equip them for evangelism and discipleship. Will you help expand God’s kingdom in Nepal by providing them with God’s Word? Click here to donate now.

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