Thursday, 29 March 2007

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Middle East

A crack in the door
In the Middle East, many doors are tightly closed, locking Middle Easterners in with the darkness.

But Bible League-trained Christians eagerly watch for a crack in the door—a small opening through which to spread the light of the Gospel.

Sometimes the door opens on one group of people, and not another. But Middle Eastern Christians patiently wait, ready to implement careful, extra-sensitive approaches when the Spirit makes a way.

In some places, ministry is just beginning. In other places, long-suffering Christians have been glowing steadfastly for years. And despite the suffocating darkness, it is the light of God that shines through them.

The darkness comprehends it not
Islamic hostility—combined with the threat of terrorism and the added heat of international pressures—has made the Middle East an undeniably volatile mission field.

In many places, sharing the Good News about Jesus with Muslims is forbidden, and the authorities often strictly enforce laws designed to keep Christians in their place.

Brokenness and openness among Muslims, where it can be found, is often held in bondage, fearing backlash from angry neighbors, families, and friends.

Not a spirit of fear
But Christians in the Middle East long to see God illumine the darkness in their lands. They work comfortably and dynamically among their own people—in places that are tightly closed against the efforts of anyone else.

One soul at a time, the Spirit is using the Word of life to transform lives and break spiritual bonds. The body of Christ in the Middle East is growing.

While there are stories of restrictions and persecutions, there are also stories of breakthroughs over the radio airwaves and in personal relationships.

Christians face countless risks, including death, yet they continue to discreetly share Jesus with their countrymen. The "veils of mystery" surrounding God are falling away, as many come to know Jesus as their Savior.

Making dark places light
In spite of overwhelming odds, many churches have been planted. New bodies of believers are being established in areas where there were none before. And these Middle Eastern Christians are being further trained to take the Light of Jesus with them wherever they go.

Their firm conviction: Open the door a crack, and the light pours in.

A ray of hope
Please pray for the brothers and sisters seeking to establish and shepherd new bodies of believers in the Middle East, who face overwhelming persecution and resistance to the message of hope that they long to bring to their fellow countrymen. And petition God to open the doors in the hearts of Middle Eastern peoples, and to flood their weary, dark lands with His Light.

“The ‘veils of mystery’ surrounding God are falling away, as many come to know Jesus as their Savior.”

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