Saturday, 10 February 2007

Bible Power

I thought you might like to read this true, heart-warming story which I received recently.

"Before I met Jesus, my life was very difficult, chaotic, and meaningless," says Ekaterina Apostolova, a 65-year-old widow from Batak, Bulgaria. "I wandered through this world trying to find joy and happiness, but I couldn't find either."

As she wandered, she began to think about God. "Who really is He?" she wondered. She needed to know. She wanted to learn more about Him. Ekaterina found what she was looking for in a Bible study led by a Bible League-trained worker. She found joy in God's Word!

"I liked the Bible studies because I was able to learn more about God in a systematic way," Ekaterina says of the Bible Networks evangelism and discipleship studies. "The study booklets were very clear and well-ordered, making it easy for me to enter the spiritual realm.
"I learned about the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind—man falling into sin and God sending Jesus, His own Son, to die on the cross for our sins."

Ekaterina continues, "After I finished the Bible studies, I accepted Jesus and became a Christian. It was then that I found meaning and purpose in my life. Most of all, I found the source of all goodness. I understand that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. "
"I also received my first Bible when I finished the studies. I am very happy now. I want to read and get to know more and more about the life of Jesus."
"For me, the Bible is my guide. I trust what it says. God's Word inspires me and makes my heart softer. It gives me joy."

"Now I have a great desire to share the Good News with many other people as my service to the Lord," she concludes. "Thank you, Bible Network, for the spiritual food that I received through God's Word."

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